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Episode 164

London Stock Exchange's Aravind Narayan

We explore the cutting-edge world of reusable digital IDs with Aravind Narayan from the London Stock Exchange.

An exclusive interview with Pav Gill, the whistleblower who exposed the Wirecard fraud, and journalist Jason Mikula, live from Money20/20 Europe 2024.

We chat with Dennis Pratistha, the Chief Investment Officer at Mandiri Capital Indonesia, who takes us through MCI's captivating journey from its founding in 2015 to becoming a powerhouse in digital transformation and venture capital.

Fasten your seatbelts as we zoom into the future of money transfers, where technology is redefining the art of the possible in cross-border remittances, with Alberto Guerra, the mastermind at the helm of UniTeller.

Dive into the seismic shifts occurring within real estate payments as we navigate Singapore's bold moves to establish itself as a trailblazer in smart city development.

Embark of a financial odyssey with Sachin Sharma from audax, uncovering the game-changing realm of Banking as a Service, or BaaS.

Step into the dynamic world of Asian fintech, where diversity reigns and innovation is the currency of progress, guided by the insights of Zennon Kapron from Kapronasia.

Is your firm AI-ready? Tune in to The MoneyPot hosts pick the brain of the fintech legal sage, Charles Kerrigan, and explore the legal labyrinth of AI in finance.

Discover the truth behind banking's innovation revolution with the formidable Leda Glyptis.

Get ready to unlock the secrets of the digital sovereign currency revolution with a deep dive into Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Embrace the chill of the 'funding winter' as The MoneyPot discusses how startups are navigating the investment landscape

Dive into insights on the repercussions rippling through the healthcare payment systems.

Discover the intricate labyrinth of medical payments and the heightened need for secure data as we sit with Boe Hartman of Nomi Health.

Ever wondered what it takes to jump ship from the safety of corporate giants to the stormy seas of fintech entrepreneurship?

Embark on a transformative journey with Lyn Kok as we navigate the thrilling waters of career change and the creation of something truly impactful.

When Hena Mehta decided to swap the dizzying heights of Wall Street for the bustling tech scene in Bangalore, she wasn't merely changing jobs—she was rewriting her life story.

Discover the keys to entrepreneurial empowerment and financial inclusivity with Zahir Khoja, CEO of Wave, as we unravel his visionary approach to transforming opportunities for SMEs.

Ever wondered why 80% of the cloud computing market in Latin America is B2B, yet most purchases are still paid manually? Well, we're about to blow the lid off that mystery.

Are you prepared to navigate the thrilling maze of Africa's FinTech landscape? With our esteemed guest Benjamin Fernandez, CEO of Nala Money, we journey through the continent's dynamic financial terrain.

Strap in for a riveting conversation with Randy Fernando, co-founder of Power, a company that has recently been acquired by Marqeta for a whopping $275 million!

Join us on a deep expedition into the intricate realm of banking in the modern era. We guarantee you'll gain valuable insights from our guest host, Ryan Falvey of Restive Ventures and distinguished panelists

Fasten your seatbelts and ready your minds for a thrilling ride into the booming world of open banking. We promise a journey of discovery, where we'll delve into the regulatory and market conditions that have catapulted this innovative industry into the stratosphere.

Ever wondered how a tech genius transitions from being an IBM employee to a successful serial entrepreneur? Prepare to be enthralled as we invite Sunil Madhu, the innovative mind behind Instant, into an insightful conversation about his entrepreneurial journey.

Women-led start-ups get only 2% of venture capital funding, even though women own 1 in 3 businesses globally.

Ready to take a journey into the financial future of Africa?

Explore the world of e-commerce payments in South Africa

Delve into the transformation of credit.

Would you be ready to revolutionize the way millions of Brazilians make recurring payments?

"combining a robust operation and a tech-oriented mindset"

"Every entrepreneur will want to listen to this one! "

"We need to engage in practices, and arm ourselves with the tools, to fight..."

Special Feature: 2 Part Series - What if we misunderstand the value of crypto

"Embedded Finance seems fait accompli, but in reality, it is just getting started."

"...allowing people to achieve financial literacy while growing their own portfolios."

Crypto skeptic and crypto evangelist talk global regualted landscape.

"Embedded finance is providing tons of opportunities"

"ChatGPT and Bard have reinvigorated the imaginations of entrepreneurs"

"Can empowering employees to know more of their worth actually be a benefit to their employer?"

“Building wealth requires access to many financial tools that are not understood broadly.'

“Show us how technology can truly solve real problems.'

“There is a lot of work to be done”

“how to get serious around the issues of environmental, social governance...”

“I think as Fintech Nerds, we have a real opportunity to build a better SWIFT...”

There is more open scrutiny about the ethics and definitions of AI.

AI applications are surging and fueling the imagination of innovators and entrepreneurs...A bold statement.

...Does culture mirror technology or does technology mirror culture?

Fintech Policy wonks are having a field day.

Financial services companies are swimming in data, and everyone suspects that the secrets to client satisfaction and increased profits are hidden in it. However, with that much data, the challenge is- how do you organize it into something useful with genuine answers?

When Rachel Schneider wrote “The Financial Diaries”, the research uncovered several misconceptions that the financial industry has about the financial lives of the average person.

We spoke to Colin Luce, the Co-Founder & CEO of Basis Theory - a tokenization platform built to manage data compliance and help companies navigate the increasing complexity of global regulations about how their tech can change the nature of data security and compliance

We sat down with Ricardo Amper, CEO of Incode to discuss how financial institutions are combatting spoofing and identity fraud through biometric digital identity verification.

On this MoneyPot Raw, Sanjib Kalita and Rachel Morrissey sit down with Mr. Victor D. Lombard, aka DIVINE, to speak about his journey and his mission to create fintech that solves systemic disadvantages.

We sat down with Delicia Reynolds Hand from Consumer Reports, and Cleve Mesidor from The Blockchain Assn.

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Following on our previous episode on Brazil's Pix payment rails, we had João Del Valle, CEO and Co-Founder at EBANX talk to us about the tremendous changes that have occurred and what he sees coming in merchant/ b2b payments.

How do you position yourself to be one of the most financially innovative companies? We spoke with Isabelle Freidheim, Founder & Chairman of Athena to understand what's happening in capital markets.

Scarlett Sieber, our Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, will be joined in the booth by José Caparrosa, Editor, Forbes Columbia to host Cecilia Tamez, Chief Strategy Officer of Dandelion.

We at Money20/20 had to learn more, and were luckily able to discuss it with the person responsible for running it- Carlos Eduardo Brandt, Deputy Head of the Dept of Competition and Financial Market Structure of the Central Bank of Brazil.

We spoke with Megan Nilsson to think through some of the complexities we have around access and identified 4 major tools- data management & ownership, universal access, design access, and educational access.

We dig into how survivor bias works, why it is actually systemic, and the harm it does to problem solving.

We talked to Ben Weiss about the nature of crypto as the wild west, and why his idea on physicalizing the crypto buying experience is helping to settle crypto.

In this episode of The MoneyPot Raw, Tracey Davies, President of Money20/20 and I sit down with Monica Engel, Partner and Co-Founder of Quona Capital, to talk about her new book - Rebalance: How women lead, parent, partner, and thrive.

The science around the climate crisis is in, and we are all feeling the effects of it, With record heat waves, droughts, and questions about stability, Gen Z considers climate a high priority in what they buy and support.

Luckily, Sanjib Kalita and Rachel Morrissey got to speak to Dawid Rożek, CEO, ZEN.COM about going from gamer to creating an online marketplace to creating the payments systems,and what all of it might teach us about the fintech future on Web3.

We are going to speak to Jean-Bapitiste Graftieux of Bitstamp, about their latest study- the Crypto Pulse- and get the low down on what, where, and why crypto is met with both skepticism and intrigue.

Sanjib Kalita and Micky Tesfaye sit down with Tim Burton and Chris Stevens from Callsign to discuss the art of the scam, why we naturally ignore the warning signs and how we’re so easily tricked.

We spoke with Gary Stein, Chief Product & Compliance Officer at Opy (and formerly with the CFPB) to bring some clarity to this, and one thing was clear. BNPL isn't going anywhere.

Today, Sanjib Kalita, Nick Holland, Micky Tesfaye and Rachel Morrissey take a look at whether the nature of cryptocurrency is amenable to sustainable business models, what type of oversight can crypto exchanges and businesses expect, and more.

We spoke to Rhiddiman Das, the Founder and CEO of TripleBlind, about how they are approaching and preparing for the problems around data privacy and the encryption safety to understand more about what we can expect and how we might approach the solutions.

We had the chance to interview Nathan Bekerman of Cross River and Jeff Billingham of Chainalysis and we discussed the accessibility of crypto for smaller players such as community banks and fintechs...

Collaboration between banks and fintechs has been central to the conversation about the future of money since 2015. But truly flourishing examples are finally in abundance.

We got to speak to Rahav Shalom-Revivo, Head of Financial-Cyber Innovation and International Engagements, about the preparation and nature of the simulation, and the key findings that can keep our world safer.

We at Money20/20 wanted to provide clarity around the details of Russian sanctions, what they seem to imply, and what other financial tools are factors in the complete story, including alternate financial messaging systems within Russia, and the status of crypto.

We spoke with Bhavik Vasa, Founder & CEO of GetVantage and Saket Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO of Vitt. about plans to fund smaller niche business, and why that can be a win for VC's and consumers.

We spoke with Ismini Psychoula, Research Scientist at the OneSpann Innovation Center, about the principles behind new ethical regulations, and how to ensure trustworthiness and fairness in financial services.

Edwin Aoki, CTO of PayPal’s BCDC unit, and May Zabaneh, VP of Product for BCDC, join us to discuss how PayPal views these new technologies and what we should expect when it comes to using them for commerce.

We got the chance to speak to Nino Bice and Vijay Krishnamurthy from the Oracle Lakehouse about their projects in AI, why they are so vital, and what opportunities their projects open in the future.

Hear from Greg Lisiewski, VP of Global Pay Later at PayPal, Samsonite’s VP of Marketing and eCommerce David Oksman, and Brian Riley, Director at Mercator Advisory Group.

We spoke with Sanjay Mathew, from Oracle and Mayank Mishra from Citi, about their outlook as they lead clients through the possibilities.

We spoke with John Lunn, CEO and Co-Founder of Gr4vy about creating a solution that allows these retailers to modify their payments stacks, and give retailers much needed flexibility.

We spoke with Sanjay Mathew from Oracle and Greg Gilman, from Protego Trust about the way digital assets can change the nature of risk, open markets, and how to make them less risky for institutional investors.

We spoke to Stephen Sikes, COO of to learn more about their embrace of communities and how those communities can be fostered to make investing safer.

In this special, we spoke with Andrea Bell, Director of Insights, about her teams expertise and research to identify four predominant trends in future consumers, and we discuss what financial services and tech will be prime for their engagement.

We spoke with Dr. Tiffany Raymond of PayPal on how leveraging e-commerce will not just accelerate business but can also be optimized with strategic thinking.

We spoke with Dov Marmor about the new Railsbank Credit Card as a Service (CCaaS) platform about this new evolution of credit and the deep satisfaction of creating tools to help foster peoples dreams.

We spoke with Mantl's Nathaniel Harley and Jesse Wedler, CapitalG to speak about the mission to help community banks digitize their culture, their onboarding, and eventually, their whole stack.

We decided to speak to Dontà Wilson and Scott Case, who have led the merger to create Truist Bank,

We talked to Sanjay Matthew, Senior Industry Strategy Director at Oracle & Aubrey Hawes, Senior Director of Global Banking Solutions, Oracle

We talked with Frida Polyak, Analyst and Researcher at Euromonitor International

We talked to Michel Golffed, the Senior Vice President of Growth at dLocal

We discuss what the new regulatory measures mean for Alibaba and Ant Financial

Will all companies in the future will have financial services as part of their offerings?

We're live at the Fintech South Conference

Should you consider being part of a peering hub?

Or, How to Sell Half a Cow and Keep it Mooing

Tips on how to transform your bank core

Chainalysis is solving the legitimacy issues of crypto

Customer centricity is central to fintech innovation

They play a central role in fintech development. Do we understand it?

Using non-traditional data to rethink credit worthiness

To build fintech for black and brown communities, you have to build trust first

Looking at Facebook's financial gains hub and the democratization data

Learn more about this potentially game-changing infrastructure investment

SPACS are like arranged marriages. How do they really work out?

Like trying to change a jet engine mid-flight

Google also announced 11 other partnerships with a variety of banks

Unpicking the threads that run through all product development

Putting Merchants back in charge of the payments experience

A subReddit group took the unprecedented action of retail investors

Customer behaviors are only the beginning of the customer journey

Easing the pain of taking SMEs digital

Does fintech really help with financial inclusion?

We address the struggles of minority female entrepreneurs.

Consumer behavior changed during COVID but Black Friday is still thriving

We discuss challenging assumptions and leading toward an industry led standard.

There is a misconception Wills and Planning are only for wealthy people.

If Uber is a 4G tech, then what will 5G bring?

Utilizing the data that we have at our fingertips in new ways.

Open Banking is coming, but is it all they hoped for?

We explore how data is being woven into financial services gold.

Wee look at the great efforts around PPP

Why SMB/SME banking was one of the last markets that innovators tackled.

Will open-banking make banks personal financial advocates?

Take a peek at the voices behind the podcast and their favorite #MoneyPotMoments - so far!

Do you have all the right decision makers at the table?

We are about to see a slew of bank charter approvals.

China is already testing a central bank digital currency.

Hear leading voices working hard towards inclusion and diversity in financial services.

The arms race for digital currencies is on.

Data is the "new oil" that fuels tech innovation.

How does one condense 45 years of technological evolution into 6 years?

What new data will give us a better financial picture?

Can we create an economy where so many don't live on the edge?

Go digital or die" - the first lesson of the lockdowns.

The covid-19 pandemic looked like a crisis that fintech was meant to thrive in.

Hear leading voices working hard towards inclusion and diversity in financial services.

"I want to enter more passwords and fill out more forms!", said no one ever..

Uncovering the strategies Asia’s banks are employing in the crisis.

How the abrupt transition to remote work during lockdown has stretched company security.

We're getting blunt about Cannabis Banking and the SAFE Banking Act.

A story of a community coalescing to combat the COVID-19 crisis...

How banks and fintechs are stepping up to stave off the impact of COVID-19...

The challenges of COVID-19 present opportunities to innovate...

Strategies to deal with the challenges of WFH...

The impact of COVID-19 on M&A activity...

A new model that could help small businesses weather economic storms...

A variety of immediate and possible effects of the pandemic...

What investors need to know to enter the VC scene...

The trend toward values based banking and investing...

The new focus on financial health as part of financial inclusion ...

India is becoming the prime global market for innovation investment ...

The tech giant into the commerce space ...

Predictions for Fintech in 2020 ...

Who is going to redesign global finance ...

And Facebook's Calibra is first up! ...

Grasshopper bank is challenging the challenger bank model. ...

Will the next financial crisis will be a cyber security crisis? ...

New ways to look for innovators ...

Strategies to improve the customer journey ...

How data can be used for a new bundled banking model ...