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Episode 4: Innovation Secrets From Outside The Vault

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New ways to look for innovators

Where does game changing innovation come from? While standard practice uses customer surveys to incrementally improveme existing products and services, true customer centricity is understanding what drives your customer’s behaviors, and helping them in ways they can’t imagine. To stay that one step ahead, it is time to look outside banking at what other disciplines have to offer. Expanding the talent pool and getting input from people with a fresh view and who aren’t burdened by the status quo can make you aware of questions that you may have never thought to ask.

It is time to look outside the vault.

Hosts: Sanjib Kalita, Scarlett Sieber

Guest: Melissa Eggleston, Chief Deposit Officer, NBKC
Susie Kim, Co-Founder &CXO, Pluto Money

Producers: Rachel Morrissey and Roland Bodenham

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