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The trend toward values based banking and investing

Sustainability is more than the latest buzz word. It is a value that is permeating every industry as the realities of climate change are becoming more apparent. In financial services, new questions around how sustainability should affect our spending and investing are making deep inroads. Many banks are creating earth-friendly investment funds, and firms like BlackRock Investors have announced that they will divest from all thermal coal exposure, and will take active measures to help companies that are part of their profile to go green. This is extremely appealing to younger generations who want to invest in brands and ideas that match their values. On this episode, we spoke to Andrei Cherney, CEO of Aspiration bank about programs they have to help their customers know where their money goes, and about the greater trend toward values based banking and investing.

Guests: Andrei Cherney, CEO, Aspiration Bank

Host: Kisha Allison, Head of Content, Money 20/20 USA, Rachel Morrissey, Producer, Money 20/20 USA

Producers: Roland Bodenham, Senior Video Producer, Ascential, Rachel Morrissey, Producer, Money 20/20 USA

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