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MoneyPot Episode 111: MoneyPot Raw: How to be SOLVENT, with DIVINE

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On this MoneyPot Raw, Sanjib Kalita and Rachel Morrissey sit down with Mr. Victor D. Lombard, aka DIVINE, to speak about his journey and his mission to create fintech that solves systemic disadvantages. In this vulnerable and extraordinarily honest interview, DIVINE left us inspired and humbled. We are very grateful he shared his time and considerable insights on his mission. He has founded SOLVENT to focus on and empower the system impacted, formerly incarcerated, and incarcerated with tools for the socioeconomically disadvantaged, formerly incarcerated, family, friends and loved ones of the formerly incarcerated and/or incarcerated, and those currently incarcerated.

Mr. Victor Lombard AKA DIVINE

Sanjib Katlita, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Money20/20
Rachel Morrissey, Executive Producer, The MoneyPot Podcast, Money20/20

Roland Bodenham, Senior Video Producer and Podcast Lead, Ascential
Rachel Morrissey, Executive Producer of Money20/20 Podcasts, Money20/20

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