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Fighting Data Monopolies

Data is the "new oil" that fuels tech innovation. But who owns that data is at the center of several court cases involving all the major platforms-Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Sometimes, for the underdogs to innovate, they need to fight for the rights to the data, but they risk being outspent and outlasted by those with bottomless pockets. Today, we talk with Greg Kidd about fighting for the data to innovate, who really owns the data, and whether monopolies, real or virtual, are hurting innovation in the US fintech space.

Producers: Roland Bodenham, Senior Video Editor, Ascential and Rachel Morrissey, Content Producer, Money20/20 USA

Hosts: Sanjib Kalita, Editor-in- Chief, Money20/20 and Rachel Morrissey, Content Producer, Money20/20 USA

Guests: Greg Kidd, CEO of globaliD and Hard Yaka Ventures

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