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Behind the Scenes of Latin America's B2B Market: A Discussion with Paula Bellizia

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Ever wondered why 80% of the cloud computing market in Latin America is B2B, yet most purchases are still paid manually? Well, we're about to blow the lid off that mystery. Join us for a riveting conversation with our esteemed guest Paula Bellizia, President of Global Payments at EBANX, as we unravel the opportunities and challenges within the B2B market segment. We delve into the untapped potential of SaaS and Cloud Mega Payments in Latin America. We discuss the necessity for local payment methods and the low card penetration in Africa, and how these factors play a significant role in shaping the future of financial transactions.

Switching gears, we bring the conversation to AI and how it's revolutionizing fraud prevention in the Latin American market. Paula shares intriguing insights on how EBANX leverages their proprietary anti-fraud engine to offer valuable recommendations to merchants. Imagine having an AI-powered weapon in your arsenal that learns from other markets and continuously enhances its services. We explore the cultural shift towards digital payments in emerging markets and the role of startups and digital native companies in this transformation. Tune in, as we spotlight Latin America - a region brimming with growth opportunities, with EBANX leading the way.

Paula Bellizia, President of Global Payments, EBANX

Ian Horne, Head of Content, Money20/20 EU
Sanjib Kalita, Former Wizard, Money20/20

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