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SPECIAL EPISODE - Securing the Healthcare Payment Maze: Boe Hartman on Transforming An Industry Under Cyber Siege

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Discover the intricate labyrinth of medical payments and the heightened need for secure data as we sit with Boe Hartman of Nomi Health, whose expertise in banking and payments sheds light on the seismic effects of the United Healthcare cyber hack.

Boe takes us through the trenches of an industry rattled by outdated systems, revealing how his work at Nomi Health is championing the development of real-time payment rails, poised to overhaul the costly and sluggish process of reimbursing healthcare providers. As we unravel the current state of U.S. healthcare payments, it becomes clear that the shakeup may just be the catalyst for a much-needed revolution in how we settle medical bills.

The shockwaves of the recent Change Healthcare ransomware attack, attributed to state sponsored black hat hackers, ripple throughout our conversation, exposing a stark vulnerability in our national infrastructure. The breach's staggering scope, with six terabytes of sensitive data at stake and daily medical transactions grinding to a halt, paints a dire picture. The ramifications extend beyond the disruption of services, as providers are forced back to archaic paper claims and the financial stability of entire systems hangs in the balance. With the industry holding its breath for a potential Congressional lifeline, join us as we discuss the critical demand for resilience and competition in safeguarding the future of healthcare data and payments.

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