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Move Over Europe, North America's the New Open Banking Champ

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Fasten your seatbelts and ready your minds for a thrilling ride into the booming world of open banking. We promise a journey of discovery, where we'll delve into the regulatory and market conditions that have catapulted this innovative industry into the stratosphere. Led by our guest host Don Cardinal of FDX, our fellow travellers in this exploration are none other than Kimberly Bella from Visa, Lisa Novier from EnvestNet, and Ryan Fairley from Navy Federal Credit Union. Together, they'll dissect the phenomenal growth of FDX, the open finance ecosystem that securely energizes the financial lives of 65 million users worldwide.

As we venture further, we'll touch on the surprising acceleration of open banking, and how smaller banks and fintechs are racing to embrace the integration. We'll discuss the paramount importance of offering users tangible value and maintaining transparency in programs while upholding consistent principles. We'll also peer into the future, considering the potential opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for open banking. We'll ponder the implications of the CFPB's 1033 proposed rule, the complexities of risk management when dealing with multiple data providers, and what it takes to build out robust API programs. Join us on this enlightening voyage, and discover how open banking is winning over smaller banks and creating a vibrant, competitive financial ecosystem.

Don Cardinal, Managing Director, FDX

Kimberly Bella, Visa
Lisa Novier, Envestnet
Ryan Fairley, Navy Federal Credit Union

Rachel Morrissey, Executive Producer of The MoneyPot, Money20/20

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