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Episode 15: VC Investment Booming in Africa

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What investors need to know to enter the VC scene

Venture capital is pouring into African markets and over 60% of all investments are in fintech. While the main driver for most investment is financial inclusion, it is important to understand that Africa isn't a single market. It is several markets, with vast cultural differences and over 3,000 languages. And the fintech ecosystems are developed on completely different technologies than Asian or LATAM markets. We talked to Johan Bosini and Kofo Agbage from Quona Capital about what investors need to know to enter the VC scene and when and where the innovation is growing fastest.

Guests: Kofo Agbage, Investment Associate, Quona Capital
Johan Bosini, Partner, Quona Capital

Host: Sanjib Kalita, Senior Editor, Money 20/20
Kisha Allison, Head of Content, Money 20/20 USA

Producers: Rachel Morrissey, Content Producer, Money 20/20 USA
Roland Bodenham, Senior Video Producer, Ascential

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