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Redefining Property Payments: Manoj Dugar on HSBC's Blockchain Breakthroughs

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Unlock the future of financial transactions as we sit down with Manoj Dugar from HSBC at the pulsing heart of Money 2020 in Bangkok. This episode promises a deep dive into the seismic shifts occurring within real estate payments as we navigate Singapore's bold moves to establish itself as a trailblazer in smart city development. You'll discover how the scrapping of corporate checks is just the beginning and the crucial role blockchain technology is playing in reshaping how we think about security and efficiency in property transactions.

With the construction industry perched on the cusp of a digital revolution, we examine HSBC's strategic pivot in response to Singapore's evolving market demands, under the watchful eye of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The conversation meanders through HSBC's innovative journey from trade finance to real estate ventures, highlighting the Enbridge project's success in merging cross-border payment platforms and regulatory collaboration. Learn how HSBC's past blockchain escapades are charting a new course for future fintech solutions and what this could mean for your next property investment.

Finally, we broaden our lens to reveal how the advent of QR codes and bilateral payment corridors is revolutionizing digital transactions across Asia. Delving beyond real estate, we explore the potential for these innovations to transform sectors like healthcare and insurance, where transparency and secure digital identity verification are paramount. Tune in for an insightful forecast on how banks might harness blockchain for global data and identity portability, and how this could redefine the financial landscape. Remember to leave us a stellar review on iTunes and stay tuned for more enthralling discussions at the Money Pot.

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