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MoneyPot Episode 101: Banks can help consumers understand their carbon footprint

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The science around the climate crisis is in, and we are all feeling the effects of it, With record heat waves, droughts, and questions about stability, Gen Z considers climate a high priority in what they buy and support. CoGo, a new banking app, helps consumers understand what their spending means for their carbon footprint, By making this information available, they hope to employ behavioral sciences to assist consumers to more ecologically friendly habits. We talked to Emma Kisby, the CEO of COGO, about their mission, and how important it is for financial services to lead in the climate crisis.

Emma Kisby, CEO, CoGo

Rachel Morrissey, Executive Producer- The MoneyPot, Money20/20
Mickey Tesfaye, Financial Journalist, Money20/20

Rachel Morrissey, Executive Producer, The MoneyPot, Money20/20
Roland Bodenham, Senior Video Producer and Podcast Lead, Ascential

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