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What Can Fintech Learn about Product Development from Lego?

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Product Development is the heart and soul of fintech. Building a better mousetrap was the point of creating products and services that addressed the needs and behaviors of modern consumers. Sometimes, it is helpful to look at that journey through the eyes of another industry, so we took the opportunity to speak with one of the best product designers we know. Melissa Pickering is the Head of Product at Lego, with a history of designing for play. Turns out that the questions around delivering great product share common threads in every industry.

Melissa Pickering, Head of Product, LEGO Education

Sanjib Kalita, Editor in Chief, Money20/20
Rachel Morrissey, Producer, Money20/20

Roland Bodenham, Senior Video Producer, Ascential
Sanjib Kalita, Editor-in-Chief, Money20/20
Rachel Morrissey, Producer, Money20/20

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