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Unearthing Africa's FinTech Potential: A Conversational Journey with Nala Money's CEO, Benjamin Fernandez

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Are you prepared to navigate the thrilling maze of Africa's FinTech landscape? With our esteemed guest Benjamin Fernandez, CEO of Nala Money, we journey through the continent's dynamic financial terrain. We uncover the vast opportunities brought about by Africa's rapidly expanding population and the intricate tangle of diverse currencies and regulation. Get an insider's view into the bustling world of mobile money transactions and understand why it is often described as a sleeping giant.

The second half of our discussion shifts gears, focusing on the nuts and bolts of making and receiving payments in Africa. We throw light on how the scarcity of dollars and Africa's trade deficit sway the economy, and why solutions tailored to local needs are vital. Listen in as we share the solutions Nala has developed, including ensuring payment reliability and offering competitive exchange rates. Hear directly from Benjamin about the huge potential of the remittances industry and how technology plays a crucial role in battling fraud. So, buckle up for an enlightening conversation that peels back the layers of Africa's FinTech landscape.

Benjamin Fernandez, CEO, Nala Money

Micky Tesfaye, Content Lead, Money20/20 EU
Ian Horne, Head of Content, Money20/20 EU

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