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From Banking Executive to Fintech Trailblazer: Lyn Kok's Inspiring Shift to Financial Inclusion with Mula X

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Embark on a transformative journey with Lyn Kok as we navigate the thrilling waters of career change and the creation of something truly impactful. Lyn, the visionary behind Mula X, shares her profound experience transitioning from the president and CEO of a major bank to the innovative world of financial inclusion through fintech entrepreneurship. Her story is a beacon for anyone seeking to align their career with their core values, revealing the challenges and triumphs of constructing a mission-driven company from the ground up.

As we converse with Lyn, we uncover the threads that connect the corporate banking world to the agile startup ecosystem. Discover how skills like cultivating company culture and mastering regulatory mazes have new applications outside the boardroom, and which corporate practices might actually stifle startup vitality. Lyn takes us behind the scenes of Mula X, illuminating the intricate process of connecting those traditionally overlooked by the financial sector with vital services. Her insights provide a roadmap for leveraging corporate acumen in the fast-paced startup environment.

In this deeply personal account, Lyn's dedication to fairness, diversity, and inclusion not only defines her new venture but also serves as an inspiration for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. We explore the rejuvenating power of passion, the essential role of supportive networks, and the profound satisfaction of pursuing a career that transcends the mere pursuit of profit. As Lyn prepares to take the stage at Money2020 Asia in Bangkok, join us for a discussion that is both a masterclass in career pivots and a testament to the potential for meaningful change in the business world.

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