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Crypto's Credibility Conundrum

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Co-hosted with Convera. Avowed crypto skeptic and Convera CEO Patrick Gauthier sits down with crypto evangelist Teana Baker-Taylor, VP of Policy and Regulatory Strategy at Circle to discuss the fragmented global regulatory landscape for crypto assets, the new SEC lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase, regulation by enforcement, blockchain for real-time payments as a disruptive technology, creating a stable regulatory framework for digital assets, the payment ecosystem we don't yet know about that we're going to need, AR/VR, internet-enabled payments, the metaverse, the accelerating timeframe of adoption for new technologies, technology innovation vs. process innovation, and good friction vs. bad friction in the user experience.

Patrick Gauthier, CEO, Convera

Teana Baker-Taylor, VP of Policy and Regulatory Strategy, Circle

Alex Lawrence, Brand Marketing, Convera

Micky Tesfaye, Content Lead, Money20/20EU

Rachel Morrissey, Executive Producer of The MoneyPot, Money20/20

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