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Hena Mehta's Leap from Finance to Tech Entrepreneurship in India

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When Hena Mehta decided to swap the dizzying heights of Wall Street for the bustling tech scene in Bangalore, she wasn't merely changing jobs—she was rewriting her life story. As founder of BASIS, the financial app changing the game for urban Indian women, she joins us to share the triumphs and trials of such an audacious career pivot. If you're teetering on the edge of a bold professional leap, this episode will not just inspire you—it will arm you with the wisdom of someone who's journeyed through the uncertainty and emerged with a venture that speaks to her heart.

This conversation goes beyond Hena's narrative; it's a masterclass in transforming passions into impactful enterprises. We navigate the complexities unique to women in finance, underlining the power of education and trust in shattering long-standing barriers. Whether you're a woman in the finance sector feeling underestimated or an entrepreneur at the crossroads of a career change, tuning in means unlocking insights into how aligning values with work can lead to groundbreaking innovation within the fintech landscape. Hannah's journey is more than a personal success—it's a beacon for any of us seeking to blend purpose with our professions.

If you want to hear more from Hena, Hena will be speaking at Money20/20 Asia in April at Bangkok, Thailand, along with 250 other speakers. We hope to see you there.

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