Do You Know Where Your Bitcoin Has Been Lately?

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Chainalysis is solving the legitimacy issues of crypto and building the platform for all digital assets

Whether cryptocurrencies are up or down, they have gained real legitimacy in 2020. One of the reasons behind that is a company called Chainalysis, which has built an impressive data platform that allows you to decode transaction history throughout blockchains. But their plans are much more ambitious. Recognizing the value of bitcoin's scarcity, and the creativity spurred by innovations of competing currencies, they see a future of digital assets and want to provide the platform to keep them secure and legitimate. To learn how, we spoke to Philip Gradwell, Chief Economist at Chainalysis, Inc

Philip Gradwell, Chief Economist, Chainalysis, Inc.

Sanjib Kalita, Editor-in-Chief, Money20/20
Rachel Morrissey, Producer, Money20/20\

Roland Bodenham, Senior Video Editor and Podcast Lead, Ascential
Rachel Morrissey, Producer, Money20/20

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