EBANX PAYMENTS SUMMIT: A new era for PIX: Brazil's real-time payment gets into recurrence

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This is a special series from the EBANX Payments Summit, which focused heavily on Rising Market - aka- Latam, Africa, and India.

In this episode, we speak with Carlos Eduardo Brandt, Head of PIX Management and Operation, Central Bank of Brazil

Pix Automático, the new launch of Brazil's Pix to enable recurring payments: how it will work, capabilities, launch timeline How Pix Automático is expected to revolutionize the way millions of Brazilians make recurring payments, from electricity bills to streaming subscriptions Pix Automático vs Cards: the impact of Pix Automático on the volume of recurring transactions made with debit and credit cards; implications for issuers and large banks Pix Automático puts the instant payment method even closer to digital commerce – what opportunities does the Central Bank see for Pix in the XB digital market? Carlos heads Pix Management and Operations at Brazil's Central Bank. Graduated in engineering and law, specializing in finance, he led Pix's implementation process in Brazil, and is currently leading and driving Pix's evolving agenda. Brandt coordinates Pix Forum, a permanent advisory committee, whose purpose is to support BCB in its role of establishing the Pix rulebook.

Estelita Hass, EBANX

Rachel Morrissey, Executive Producer, The MoneyPot, Money20/20

Rachel Morrissey, Executive Producer of The MoneyPot, Money20/20

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