MoneyPot Episode 104: Adam Neumann, Survivor Bias, and Innovation

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Last month, the fintech universe was set abuzz following the news that A16Z had written its biggest check to date. But the eye-watering sum wasn't at the heart of the buzz; it was the man behind the raise: Adam Neumann. Despite allegations of impropriety with his former venture, WeWork, he is trusted by investors once again. We wanted to dig into the possible reasons why, and how it could be explained by a "survivor bias". We dig into how survivor bias works, why it is actually systemic, and the harm it does to problem solving.

In addition to this episode, our financial journalist Micky Tesfaye dug into this topic further on our blog. Check it out here!

Hosts:<br<> Sanjib Kalita, Editor-in-Chief, Money20/20
Micky Tesfaye, Financial Journalist, Money20/20
Rachel Morrissey, Executive Producer of The MoneyPot, Money20/20
Kisha Allison, Head of Content, Money20/20 USA

Roland Bodenham, Senior Video Producer and Podcast Lead, Ascential
Micky Tesfaye, Financial Journalist, Money20/20

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