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President | ID R&D

Alexey Khitrov is co-founder and CEO of ID R&D – a global leader in frictionless biometrics and passive liveness detection. Prior to founding ID R&D, Alexey held executive positions with biometric companies where he pioneered new products and award-winning deployments with government institutions and top US banks. With over 10 years in leadership roles at BMO Capital Markets and Speechpro, he is a recognized subject-matter expert in behavioral, voice, and facial recognition.

Under Alexey’s leadership, ID R&D has achieved rapid growth with a global customer base and dozens of large-scale implementations. Alexey’s unwavering commitment to delivering unique and best-and-class technology has led the company to win numerous awards and achieve top results in the industry’s most prestigious challenges and benchmark evaluations including NIST, ASVspoof, and Facebook’s Deepfake Detection Challenge.

Alexey holds an MBA degree from Schulich MBA (York University, Toronto, Canada). He lives in New York City.


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