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At Money20/20 we stay up to date on everything fintech beyond our shows and bring you the opinions, observations and industry predictions from our eagle-eyed research team. These are the blogs you need to stay ahead of the curve.


Securing the Healthcare Payment Maze

Healthcare is vital to every society, and positioning ourselves to have greater options in the healthcare payments space can only help provide greater security.

At a time when ChatGPT is all the buzz, Nick Holland looks at what Generative AI means for fintech.

Farhan Ahmad, CEO of PayNet, discusses his career and Asian fintech today.

A bold statement from Ian Horne.

It is mere months since ChatGPT announced itself to the world, confidently slicing through the hordes yelling ‘ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?’, at an enraptured LinkedIn rabble.

FIS is reportedly set to spinoff Worldpay, undoing the $43 billion acquisition it completed a mere four years ago. At the time, the Worldpay acquisition was seen as a strategic move to expand FIS footprint in the rapidly growing payments industry.

Money20/20 is off to Stockholm next week for our first World Tour of the year, bringing our party to the fintech community of Sthlm Fintech Week. Since it’s going to be Valentine’s Day, we thought a good talking point would be how Gen Z are treating their loved ones.

Let’s be blunt: 2022 was a catastrophic year for BNPL. In fact, the only silver lining was the distraction of FTX’s epic unraveling.

It’s that time of year once again when the fintech industry collectively looks to past events to extrapolate out potential trends and forecasts for the coming year. Here’s my personal interpretation of where we can see these categories play out in the coming year…

Last week, Robinhood had an unlikely savior in the form of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), following reports the regulator wouldn’t ban payments for order flow.

“Earth is now our only shareholder”. Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia announced he was giving away his $3 billion company.

A word that is endemic in the fintech vernacular today is “frictionless.” We are led to believe that consumers want payment transactions to be without friction....

We can’t see how DeFi can move the needle in any substantial way when it comes to financial inclusion.

Read this sit down interview with Tracey Davies, President of Money20/20 to discuss diversity and inclusion initiatives for Money20/20 attendees.

Do you think we will see the demise of cards before the demise of cash?

VCs love investing in past founders. That’s not just making them bad at picking tomorrow’s winners – it’s also a barrier to diversity.

While Klarna and Affirm bear the brunt of a global economic downturn, B2B BNPL is thriving.

Europe had a glimpse into a bleak future last week with blistering temperatures and ferocious wildfires sweeping through the continent.

At Money20/20 Europe last month we unpacked the potential for the Metaverse in the financial services realm with two dedicated sessions.

Here’s what we saw and heard from the Future of Payments conference held in Jerusalem, organized by the Bank of Israel (BOI).

Why we need ESG standards and understanding, it's not a scam.

Recap of the Future of Payments conference held in Jerusalem, organized by the Bank of Israel (BOI). The conference was filled with fantastic fintech content covering everything from open banking to central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Opinion piece based on a couple of recent interviews we have conducted for Money20/20’s "The Moneypot" podcast.

If you’ve watched the news in the last year, you’ll inevitably have been exposed to the latest of crypto acronyms…

Apple's tea leaves are pretty hard to read but what do you think?

With an increased awareness around ESG it begs the question: How do rating agencies and compliance bodies measure ESG metrics?

It’s just a JPEG, right?

A message from our Global Head of Insights and Networks

...So with Banga now just the World Bank president waiting, it’s time to ask, ‘'what will the World Bank according to Mr Banga mean for fintech?’