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Keeping UK small business in trade

Never has it been more critical for small business owners who don’t have a web presence to quickly pivot their payment model to ensure customers can still purchase their products in the lockdown.

In steps Swedish FinTech iZettle and last-mile delivery company Stuart who have taken this challenge head on, collaborating to help highstreet shops across 100 cities in France and the UK who don’t have an ecommerce site or presence on a third party marketplace to get their products to customers within hours.

The collaboration allows merchants to take customer orders over the phone, online and through social channels. The merchants can then log onto the Stuart platform to arrange for a Stuart courier to deliver the items contact-free within a matter of hours. The payment is collected by iZettle, using its alternative payment method called Payment Links. This generates a one-time link that the merchant can send via text, WhatsApp, social media or email allowing them to pay by card.

Watch the full interview with Jacob De Geer, Co-Founder & CEO of iZettle and David Saenz, Chief Operating Officer of Stuart to find out exactly how the collaboration was born, idea executed and shops across the UK and France given the opportunity to weather the COVID-19 storm.

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