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How COVID-19 immunity passports could work

As UK lockdown restrictions begin to slightly ease with parts of the population now going back to their places of work, the need for a seamless, accurate process for verifying whether a person is healthy or has recovered from COVID-19 has never been greater.

With data protection and identity fraud being at the top of mind for any such technology to be rolled out successfully, Onfido, a UK AI startup has risen to the challenge to develop a platform which tackles both issues head on.

Onfido’s platform uses machine learning to verify a person’s photo ID and match it to their face using biometrics. They have taken their platform’s technology to propose using it for immunity/health passports to be used to prove that they had been tested for COVID-19 and are virus free.

With no personal information needed to be shared to governments or other organisations, Onfido’s proposed system would allow users to only display their latest COVID-19 test results with the biometrics proving that the results belong to them.

We spoke to Husayn Kassai, Onfido’s CEO and co-founder on how the technology works and the latest updates on how it could be implemented by governements to safely verify a nation’s health status.