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How to thrive in a COVID world?

As we move toward the close of our Fintech’s Fightback campaign, we wanted to take a peek to the near future beyond and ask: “What does that look like? How do you do more than just survive – and actually thrive - in a COVID world?”

We pulled together a range of voices across the industry including:

Helen Child, Co-Founder, Open Banking Excellence

David Rosa, Co-Founder, Neat

Nigel Verdon, CEO & Co-Founder, Railsbank

Nick Ogden, Founder of WorldPay, ClearBank and RTGS.Global

Check out the following super practical insights in our somewhat lengthy panel (we know, we know, we’re quite a bunch of chatty Kathys):

• Who’s getting it right when it comes to governments’ responses to keep us safe, minimise job loss and keep our industry going?

• Will Asia lead the way out of COVID? (our panel was not unanimous!)

• How do you rebuild and thrive? (hint: it’s all about digital)

• What are the essential building blocks you need to grow your business in this environment?

• Advice on how you and your exec team can be adapting how you lead in these incredibly weird times

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