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Have you heard of Project 100?

While COVID-19 has been financially tough on everyone, it has been particularly disastrous across the United States for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) food stamp recipients, many of whom were already barely making ends meet.

In what has been dubbed the largest private direct cash payments effort in the States, Brooklyn based FinTech, Propel, maker of the Fresh EBT app for managing food stamps has stepped up to help the most financially impacted, collaborating with GiveDirectly, the global non-profit to start Project 100.

The goal of Project 100 is simple but incredibly powerful - a collaborative effort to fund $1,000 in immediate cash assistance to 100,000 SNAP family households (using the Fresh EBT app) over the next 100 days.

Watch the full interview with Propel’s Founder & CEO, Jimmy Chen to discover how this life changing collaboration was born and the true impact it's had so far to move us forward in the crisis.

Donate today to help familes across the US in critical need through Project 100

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