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Going back in time to free up cash

The rapidly rising unemployment rate and economic freefall are putting a huge amount of pressure on personal and business finances. People’s ability to pay their essential utility and rent payments have never been at greater risk.

Before the lockdown began, millions of people and businesses made financial commitments and transactions which may now have put unexpected pressure on their cash flow. Curve, the banking platform that consolidates multiple cards and accounts into one smart card and app, stepped up to this critical challenge and worked around the clock to produce their solution, “Go Back In Time”.

“Go Back In Time” allows users to switch between cards but most recently now also the ability to switch payments made up to three months ago. This enables people to transfer any payments made on Curve long before COVID-19 began to make its impact in Europe.

Hear the full interview above with Shachar Bialick, Founder and CEO of Curve, on how this hugely innovative solution will help move us forward in the crisis.