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Reconnecting agribusiness

FinTech's Fightback - Reconnecting agribusiness

COVID-19 has disrupted the operations of traditional agriculture markets, leaving behind a broken supply chain.

In agricultural value chains, the last mile is the web of relationships and transactions between buyers of crops such as agribusinesses, cooperatives and middlemen and the farmers who produce and sell their crops. Most of this activity takes place in the developing world, where over 1 billion people are employed in agriculture and are involved in the production of the majority of the world’s food.

REAP, a digital agriculture platform, stepped up to the challenge COVID-19 has brought to the industry. REAP are currently working on a contactless digital solution for farmers, traders and buyers to form e-contracts, create invoices and maintain a digital transaction history to improve supply chain visibility in India.

Archana Rangarajan, Co-Founder at REAP explained, “We want to create seamless digitisation of information and transaction flows within the agriculture value chain. This digital footprint can help develop economic identity for the ecosystem players, radically impacting access to formal financial services while offering a platform for buyers and sellers to discover each other. We are adopting a lean and human-centred design for our solution, and we believe that it will bring together players in the agriculture ecosystem to support each other.”

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