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Money20/20 USA | October 22-25, 2023 | Las Vegas

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The last decade has celebrated Startups reaching a $1 billion valuation making them a 'Unicorn' to signal power and future success. But the collapse and valuation reduction of many Unicorns has proven that valuation alone is no longer the key to a happily ever after. Instead, it's time for focus to shift to revenue and to a new mythical beast - CENTAURS!

But why? Money20/20 Wizard, Sanjib Kalita gives you the scoop on Centaurs and his outlook on the future of funding and evaluations in this whitepaper. Download it now!

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World Tour

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. Ain’t No Valley Low Enough, Ain’t No River Wide Enough…to keep us from bringing the fintech to you! We’re hitting the road, sky, and water this year 🛫

Finance is global and so is Money20/20. This is about more than events. This is about more than a happy hour. This is about building communities and helping grow the GDP of Fintech. When the ecosystem wins, we all win.

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Money20/20 is not like other fintech events. There is a buzz and energy around the event, which offers a fresh perspective on fintech. Be informed and entertained by content from our incredible guest speakers, and make valuable connections with our networking events.

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