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W.UP's story

Money20/20 is the largest FinTech event in Europe, taking place in the heart of Amsterdam. Besides the presence of Europe's best FinTech companies, the event manages to unite Europe's entire financial services sector in one place. It's one of the best events worldwide to connect with relevant peers, prospects, banks, partners and much more.

As a Central-European Fintech, the ability to present ourselves and connect with the ecosystem is a unique chance. Not only did we at W.UP have excellent conversations with banks such as ABN Amro and ING, but also direct conversations with possible partners such as Tink & Meniga, some of Europe's most well-known and backed FinTech firms.

It's easy to meet at booths, or simply at the warm-hearted ING Cafe. Networking is made easy through the app, and besides the scale of the event, Money20/20 never feels too crowded. With the many networking areas, or food areas, there's always an easy way to connect, and if not directly at the event, the after events are great opportunities.

For us at W.UP, Money20/20 felt like connecting with the FinTech family, re-igniting existing relationships, but also building new ones.

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