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Fraugster story

Us at Fraugster attend Money20/20 events in order to build awareness to our brand and generate leads. We've attended with a booth at the European event since year 1 of Money20/20 and are very happy with the results.

Europe is our key market, and the event provides a great ROI thanks to the venue's setup which is why we invest in a booth with great visibility. To further build our network we also attend other Money20/20 events but without a booth.

We interact mostly with payment companies - acquirers, payment processors, gateways - who are in need of top-notch fraud solutions for their merchants. We usually meet them at our booth, following pre-scheduled meetings or spontaneous interactions during the event. We closed a major deal which started with interaction at Money20/20 Europe 2018 and are now in negotiation with others following the 2019 event.

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