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Risk42 story

Both Risk42 & RISK IDENT have benefitted from having a presence at various Money20/20 events. Both start-ups sell software to enterprise clients out of payment and finance. I was always impressed by the number and quality of the attendees. We always meet a lot of people out of the industry, including clients and business partners.

There is always enough time to meet new people as well - especially after we started to attend with a dedicated booth where people would stop by to get to know our products. We spent quite some time on many industry events, but for us, Money20/20 Europe is outstanding for building and developing new business opportunities. I would always recommend it to start-ups selling to large entities out of payment and finance since you get to meet quiet a lot of relevant persons for your business.

This year in Amsterdam a total of five major retail banks showed up at our booth. All of them were genuinely interested in our risk assessment software platform. And all of them did not hear from us before. Now, roughly 3 months later, we are signing the first pilot project with one of these entities and we are in talks with another two of them. We know some local conferences that are quite valuable for our business. But none of these conferences would cover all of Europe at an equally high level as Money20/20 in Amsterdam.

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