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Guava wants to put financing in the hands of minority small business owners; How can the industry help founders like Kelly remove the obstacles in her way?

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Mobile Money

We take fintech execs out of their comfort zone to find out what they really think about their day jobs and the financial industry.
We took fintech's cool kids out for a ride. Mobile Money gets the people you know and those you should know better out of the offi...

10 mins

Fintech & Chill

Our informal interview series brings you face to face with the leaders of massive incumbents and new startups, giving you access to the people you need to know.

The Takeaway

Hear our experts' no-holds-barred breakdown of specific sessions from the Money20/20 stages, and learn what they thought was brilliant and what came up short.

CEO Unplugged

Get exclusive insights into how CEOs of top fintech firms are running their businesses.


Don't miss the straight talk from our Amplify and RiseUp cohorts about their experience and aspirations.

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