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How to change

Understand better how partnerships can help prepare your business to succeed for the next decade
Welcome remarks from Tracey Davies, President of Money20/20.Speaker: Tracey Davies, President of Money20/20

7 mins


Where should we look to for new growth?

Mobile Money

We take fintech execs out of their comfort zone to find out what they really think about their day jobs and the financial industry.

Scaling your business

Hear case studies and strategies for scaling your firm into new geographies and services

Tech Stack

Which tech should we be investing in?

Fintech & Chill

Our informal interview series brings you face to face with the leaders of massive incumbents and new startups, giving you access to the people you need to know.

Master your products

Build smarter products that can scale with your customers, partners and on platforms

Trust & Identity

How should we be building trust and identity systems?

The Takeaway

Hear our experts' no-holds-barred breakdown of specific sessions from the Money20/20 stages, and learn what they thought was brilliant and what came up short.

Grow today; build for tomorrow

Learn lessons and hear insights from founders and investors about taking your business to the next level

Products & Margins

How should products be monetized?

CEO Unplugged

Get exclusive insights into how CEOs of top fintech firms are running their businesses.

Innovation highlights

Hear the best ideas for adapting your strategy to tomorrow's shifting market

Embedded Finance

How should we empower more firms to offer financial services?


Don't miss the straight talk from our Amplify and RiseUp cohorts about their experience and aspirations.

21 for '21

MoneyFest speakers sit in the hotseat to answer 21 burning questions for 2021

Rise Up

Hear women leaders share stories and advice on taking the big steps forward in their career

Wrap Up

The best of MoneyFest distilled into 10 minutes of highlights and takeaways

The Wrap Up

Brought to you by Adobe, The Wrap Up is your chance to get the best of MoneyFest distilled for you in just 10 minutes.

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How do you prepare for the unknown?

Surviving 2020 isn’t enough - lessons must be learnt so we can handle whatever 2021 has to throw at us.

There's no success without digital - how are you capitalising on it?

The digital revolution just jumped forward about 10 years in six months - do you have what does it take to make it in this new normal?

Partnerships matter - how do you implement them successfully?

You can't win alone, especially now - it's collaboration or bust.

Europe's payment landscape is shifting - how will it impact the wider industry?

Wirecard. Brexit. These are just a few of the things shaking up the continent's payments scene...

Payment innovation vs immediacy - how are we creating new ways to win?

Where are we winning today?

How do you go from pivot to prosperity?

One day (soon, we hope) we’ll begin to move past this pandemic. How do we win tomorrow?

How do you accelerate growth at scale?

The killer question.

Rethinking, resetting - how are you doing business differently to serve a different world?

Trump. BLM. COVID. It's a different world out there and organisations must adapt or die.

COVID fueled a rise in opportunity - should you build or invest?

Ready to shape the future of money? Understand where the smartest people are building and investing for the next big change.

Data, disruption and identification - what's next?

The firms that win are the ones that see what’s coming first or are the quickest to react to change. What’s coming over the horizon?


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