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Collaboration Investigation

What does it take to be great at collaborating?

Go fast alone or go far together, so goes the old saying. In FinTech, we see time and again the most successful companies partner to grow, profit and expand. But the question is how to do it best.

For older companies, collaboration is a new muscle to be developed. For startups and younger firms, collaboration is a requirement for faster growth and the path to profitability.

That's why we've launched our Collaboration Investigation, to explore what makes for effective partnerships and how to build the coalition to win. Stay tuned for more expert interviews, academic perspectives and real-life case studies.

Networks and relationships

A big part of my collaboration investigation is learning from people I respect. Joel Yarbrough, VP of Asia Pacific for Rapyd, sat down with me to unpack what makes collaboration hard, why cultural nuance is vital and why time, networks and customer engagement are keys to successful collaboration.

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Weekly Stories

Networks and relationships

Collaboration on the time axis