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6 - 8 June 2023 | Amsterdam

World Tour

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. Ain’t No Valley Low Enough, Ain’t No River Wide Enough…to keep us from bringing the fintech to you! We’re hitting the road, sky, and water this year 🛫

Finance is global and so is Money20/20. This is about more than events. This is about more than a happy hour. This is about building communities and helping grow the GDP of Fintech. When the ecosystem wins, we all win.

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Get access to the entire MoneyFest content library that gives you binge-worthy, hyper-focused, ground breaking conversations that will take your fintech knowledge to the next level.

This on demand fintech event brings you closer to the industry leaders and shakers than ever before from the comfort of your home.

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Future Consumer 2023

Plan for the changing consumer – or get left behind.

Future Consumer 2023 - an exclusive white paper by Money20/20’s sister company WGSN - provides invaluable foresight on exactly what your customers will want and demand, with the key behavioural drivers set to impact consumer mindsets in 2023.

Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to create the services and strategies of tomorrow.

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The Building Blocks of Fintech 2.0

For the first time in our history, Money20/20 is proud to release our expert predictions in a thorough report about where our industry is headed over the next five years.

This report will act as the most comprehensive source of forward-thinking predictions that will be sure to shape the next wave of fintech.

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