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Money20/20 World Tour

Washington, DC - May 17

Join us on May 17!

What: 45 minute Off the Record Fireside Chat and Roundtable Discussion
When: May 17, 2022 from 5:30pm-8:30pm
Where: City Club of Washington (555 13th St NW, Washington, DC 20004)

Topic: The Redcoats and Regulation
Session Description: Financial regulation has never been more critical or more difficult. Regulators are racing to find the right balance between protecting citizens and acceptable risk. Fostering responsible innovation should help create healthier financial ecosystems, but creating regulation that keeps up with the pace of innovation and guides growth is a huge challenge. In order to keep the dollar central to the global financial system, we need to adopt dynamic regulatory practices. What are the wins and what are the pitfalls we can learn from other nations that have already embraced the changes, and how do we design smart regulation for the US?

Join Nick Cook, Head of Global Strategies and Partnerships at The Alliance for Innovative Regulation. Nick was previously the Head of Innovation at the Financial Conduct Authority. The conversation will be Moderated by Rachel Morrissey, Content Manager and Executive Podcast Producer of MoneyPot at Money20/20.

About this session: For the duration of the session, it will be a phone-free zone. You will be asked to put your phone on silent and place it in a Yondr pouch. Your phone will be safely locked in the pouch and you will hold onto it for the duration of the event. Guests who need to use their phone during the event can get their phone unlocked at a Yondr Station away from the phone-free space. Otherwise, your phone will be unlocked at the end of the session.