Money20/20 World Tour

Paris April 12

Thank you to our Paris fintech community for joining us for a fun night. We were thrilled with the turnout and great feedback. The conversations and wine were flowing all night! Please check out event photos to see a glimpse of what to expect at these events - it's all about content & connections.

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Session Topic: Respected and respectable - how blockchain has grown up

From humble beginnings as a tool for audit trails to hosting entire coin and token-based ecosystems, blockchain is growing up. As more digital-native financial products are born into existence, there are now respectable models that can house, nurture and continue to adopt new innovations.

In this panel we will discuss how the blockchain landscape has changed in recent years and what that maturity means for markets. Hot on the heels of Paris Blockchain Week there will also be questions of how Paris, amongst other European cities, is welcoming new blockchain-based applications for both individuals and companies. Whether to invest, profit, share a common interest, trade tokens or simply to secure assets.

Guest Speakers:
Gina Clarke, Europe Content Director, Money20/20
Jean Marc Stenger, CEO, Societe Generale - FORGE
Alex Dreyfus, Founder & CEO, Chilliz /
Hartej Sawhney, Founder & CEO, Zokyo
Sophie Guibaud, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial & Growth Officer, Fiat Republic