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Money20/20 World Tour

Istanbul - September 14, 2023

Thanks For Joining Us In Istanbul

Thank you to those that joined us in Istanbul, we had a blast. If you missed it or you just want to relive the moment of unmissable connections - check out the photos below.

Thank You To Our Speakers!

Demet Zubeyiroglu

Co-Founder, KOOP Ventures

Demet is the Chairperson of FINTR (Fintech Association Turkiye), a non-profit to strengthen the fintech practice in Turkey. She is also Managing Director and Co-Founder of KOOP Ventures.

Murat Çağrı Suze

er, Executive Vice President Garanti BBVA & Garanti BBVA Payment Systems CEO

Murat leads Turkey's biggest, and one of Europe's most sizeable card payments company - Garanti BBVA Payment Systems Inc. Which is a fintech developing cutting-edge payments products and technology.

Esin Unal Yılmaz

Vice President at Mastercard Advisors, CIS Cluster Lead

Esin Unal Yılmaz is Vice President for Advisors Services - CIS Region at Mastercard. She is a strategy consultant with more than 16 years of experience offering growth strategies across different industries.