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Episode 19: WFH- Impact Of COVID-19

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Strategies to deal with the challenges of WFH

While remote working increased through the years, COVID-19 has accelerated adoption to previously impossible heights. But there are many challenges to running and being part of virtual teams- including increased security risks, a sense of isolation, difficulty in building camaraderie, and building motivational strategies. This week, our team discusses strategies to deal with these challenges and how to turn them to your advantage.

Hosts: Sanjib Kalita, Money 20/20, Editor-in-Chief Monique Ruff-Bell, Event Director, Money 20/20 USA Sophie Wawro, Event Director, Money 20/20 Europe

Producers: Roland Bodenham, Senior Video Editor, Ascential Rachel Morrissey, Content Producer, Money 20/20 USA

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