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President & Co-Founder | Ovamba Solutions, Inc.

Viola Llewellyn is the Co-founder & President of award winning TradeTech company, Ovamba Solutions, where she oversees innovation, strategic implementation, investor communications, and business development. Ms. Llewellyn is globally recognized as an expert on African entrepreneurship, Banking, FinTech, diversity and digital transformation for emerging markets. She is one of the ‘Visible Figures’ referenced in Vanity Fair Magazine’s April 2018 piece on Black Female Tech Founders. She was also the first African Female Tech Founder to speak at both “Slush”, Helsinki and “Slush, Tokyo”, and in late 2018, her TED Talk was part of the “Reboot” Series with Boston Consulting Group. Ms. Llewellyn has been an Ambassador to the World Economic Forum as a Global Technology Pioneer and has spoken at the prestigious “Davos Summit” conference. Ms. Llewellyn serves on the board of a number of corporations and is respected for her support and promotion of fellow women in leadership.

Appears in:

The ROI of failure and success

26/10/2020 - 13:45 - 14:05 (EDT)