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Director of Payments | Amazon

Rob Abrams is the Director of Payments at Amazon taking on the challenge of paying globally across a diverse set of payees ranging from digital authors to corporate suppliers to employee expenses and corporate card products. Taking on the ‘what should be possible’ to make the payment experience better for the end payee is what drives Rob. It is that Customer Obsession and drive he brings in helping both transform payments with an understanding that one size doesn’t fit all – it starts and ends with the one payee receiving their hard earned money. It is that ‘practitioner’s practitioner’ focus that makes Rob unique.

Prior to his current role, Rob spent 15+ years as a management consultant with a focus on organizational transformation. Rob holds an MBA from University of GA, a Masters in Communication from Indiana University, and currently lives outside Seattle, WA.

Appears in:

Insights from Amazon: How 2020 sparked macro disruptions in payments - and what that means for the future

27/10/2020 - 13:40 - 13:55 (EDT)