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MoneyFest is back

19-23 April 2021

Partner or perish

Financial firms need what each other has, whether that’s customers, deposits, innovation, licenses or trust. To survive and grow post-pandemic, businesses need to partner up. MoneyFest brings you face to face with the people who have built the most innovative platforms and partnerships, giving you case studies and actionable insights on how to collaborate more effectively. From regulators to unicorns and global banks to tech titans, we have all the angles covered.

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Big ideas and practical insights delivered straight to your screen

  • 100% free, for everyone, any time you want
  • 5 half days of hand-picked, targeted content
  • Live studio production with expert commentary and insights
  • 35 industry insiders delivering business critical intel to your screens
  • 5 keynotes and 7 deep-dive panel discussions unpacking what’s next for the fintech ecosystem
  • Global perspectives so you can see what’s happening around the world right from your home office
  • And don’t forget, all of our MoneyFest content is available on demand, so you never have to miss a session

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