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Global Connect: networking unleashed

Global Connect: networking at scale

MoneyFest’s networking platform, Global Connect, is only available to Money20/20’s global attendees from 2019 as well as 2020 pass holders. Yes, you heard that right. Our entire network from across EMEA, the Americas and Asia, all in one place, waiting to chat with you.

Global Connect makes our signature blend of people even more potent as the industry prepares to reunite, at a scale and scope that only Money20/20 can deliver.

As a 2020 delegate, you are automatically opted in to Global Connect. We will send you login details before we launch on the 12th October.

To provide details for unnamed passes

Log in to your Pass Manager on the links below, select Provide More Details on the pass and enter the delegate's details. Click here if you haven’t yet created an account.

Choose your show to log into Pass Manager

Asia Show

To opt-out from Global Connect

Log in to your Pass Manager on the links above, click on Pass Options > Delegate Details > Edit Details and view the Important Event Information section. Tick & Save to opt-out of Global Connect.