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Global Connect: networking unleashed

Your Global Connect step-by-step guide

We know the power Money20/20 brings in helping our customers grow. That’s why we couldn’t let 2020 fly by without giving our community a premier networking platform to connect and engage in new virtual ways that can actually deliver impact and leads. Let us introduce you to Global Connect.

Step 1

Opt in and request access here.

Step 2

Give us a minute! Once approved, we'll email you your credentials to the Global Connect Platform within 24-hours so you can complete your profile and start your AI-powered networking experience. Pro Tip: don't wait untill the last minute.

Step 3

Be sure to register for MoneyFest to enjoy the live content stream on October 26-29. (did we mention it's also free, plus all live sessions will be available on demand to watch at any time?)

Step 4

Download the ultimate handbook for meetings, navigating the platform and getting the most out of your Global Connect experience.

What can Global Connect do for you?

Instant messaging with thousands of FinTechers from around the world

Personalised recommendations from our AI matchmaking bot based on your goals

An attendee list you can search, sort and filter to find your next customer or collaborator

Unlimited video meetings with your matches

Themed speed networking sessions to widen your network

Access to insider sessions. Impress your boss with a new perspective and knowledge bombs they'll notice you for.

MoneyFest is broadcasting live this week

Join money's biggest conversation as we bring you the industry's boldest disruptors and legendary OGs to deliver world-class insights on resetting, rebuilding and reimagining the future of money.

MoneyFest is free, streamed live and available on demand. What's not to love?