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Profile set up

__Headline, location, summary: how should these fields be used?__
Your headline should be used in a similar fashion to LinkedIn, stating your job title and company, this is the first thing someone sees on your profile.

As this is a global platform, it is important to update your location so people know which time zone you are in for booking meetings. This will avoid having to reschedule because of an accidental 2am meeting request.

The summary section of your profile is your chance to highlight a bit about yourself, your company and what you are hoping to gain from Global Connect.

__Can I have a website link embedded in my profile?__
Yes, there is a section to add multiple website links. When adding one, please ensure that ‘www.’ is included in the url.

__How does ‘Manage my availability’ work?__
‘Manage my availability’ is a way for you to show when you can or can not do meetings. You can update this section at any time, our best practice suggestion is to update this on a weekly basis. If you list yourself as busy within the availability manager, people will not be given the option to book meetings with you during this time.

For example, if you were busy for the entire day of Tuesday October 20, you could select the whole day as busy and this date would be removed from the meeting planner calendar.

__How do the recommendations work?__
Our recommendations are based on the details you add to your profile. There are pre-filled options for ‘sector’, ‘objectives’ and ‘job titles’. Using the information you have provided, along with the information from other participants, we are able to match recommended people together.



__How can I see who is on Global Connect?__
When you log into Global Connect you will be given suggestions as to who we think would be suitable for you to meet. These suggestions are generated using AI and the answers you provided when registering.

There is also a tab labeled ‘Networking Attendees’, this will allow you to see the full attendee list on Global Connect. It will include delegates from Asia, Europe and Vegas 2019 and our 2020 shows. Please note that the delegate list is not downloadable.

__How do I book a meeting?__
To request a meeting with someone, you will need to go to their profile and click “INTERESTED”, there will then be an option to “BOOK A MEETING” which allows you to select a date and time for the meeting. This will send them a request. If they accept the meeting it will show as accepted in your calendar and you’ll receive an email notification as well as a notification in Global Connect.

__How long are the meetings? Can we go over the set time?__
The 1-2-1 meetings are pre set to be 20 minutes long, but once this time has passed you will not be kicked out of the meeting until you choose to leave. In your calendar it will show as 20 minutes long.

__What time zone are the meetings set to?__
Meetings will show in your local time zone. Please be conscious of other people's time zones when booking meetings. If you are in London hoping to speak to someone in Singapore, we would advise sending them a chat message to discuss when would be a good time.

Please note that the dates will show in the European format.

__How do I see who has sent me a meeting request?__
You will be notified via email and on the platform when someone has sent you a meeting request. It will also show in your calendar as ‘PENDING’ until you accept, reschedule or decline the invite.

__How many meeting invites can I send at one time?__
You will be able to send up to 30 meeting invites at one time. After this point you won't be able to send more until you have cancelled or had your previous invites accepted.


__Can I message someone who hasn’t pressed “Interested” on my profile?__
No, you will not be able to message someone until there is mutual interest between the two parties. This is to avoid spam messages being sent on the platform and to ensure productive meetings and conversations take place.

__Will I be able to see the chat function on the homepage and within video calls?__
Yes, the same chat function will show in both. Any conversations you have with someone on the homepage you will also see within the video meeting and vice versa.

Content & Speed networking(Waves)

__What is a Waves session?__
Waves sessions are speed networking sessions.

__How many Speed networking sessions will there be?__
There will be 7 speed networking sessions in total. There will be a content session before each speed networking session.

__How does it work?__
Simply add the session to your schedule and be there to network when the live stream starts. For best results, ensure to specify your meeting preferences at least an hour before the session starts. If meetings have been successfully generated for you, then your meeting room will become available below the live stream, once the session ends.

__Why does the live stream seem so long?__
The time for speed networking is included in the overall time listed for a session. The livestream itself will only last 15-20 minutes, after this the speed networking will begin.

__How long will a speed networking session last?__
Each meeting will be 5 minutes long and you will see a countdown for the last 60 seconds. If you have back to back meetings, you will have a minute in between to have a glass of water or to make any notes.

__Why is the live stream button not working?__
If the live stream button is not working, this is because the session is not yet live.

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