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How should we make digitalization stick?

Speaker: Aparna Sharma - IBM, Vanessa Colella - Citi, Steve Munford - Trulioo

Category: Tech Stack

We've all read how Covid was a leading driver of digitization efforts in companies across the globe. And while many businesses made serious efforts to modernize in response to the pandemic and its associated effects, are we sure it will stick? How can we take new capabilities and mindsets, created in reaction to sudden change, and transform them into a company’s DNA? Brought to you by IBM, don't miss the chance to hear the C-Suite open up about how they plan to make digitization go from a reaction to a cultural habit.


Aparna Sharma, Global Vice President, Hybrid Cloud Transformation, Hybrid Cloud Services, Global Business Services, IBM

Vanessa Colella, Chief Innovation Officer Head of Citi Ventures & Citi Productivity, Citi

Steve Munford, President & CEO, Trulioo

First aired: Wednesday 21st July

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