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Collaboration masterclass: partnering to the moon and beyond

Category: How to change

NASA is a 62-year-old organisation with a massive amount of legacy technology, processes and culture - one that’s used to building everything in-house - all of which had served it well for decades. But all that wasn’t going to get them back to the moon. Or Mars. And so NASA made the conscious decision to switch to an ecosystem model. Most impressive, and indeed, most relevant to the financial services industry, is the choice to exist as one consumer in a broader ecosystem. NASA is still the biggest single consumer in its industry, yes, but it understood that creating competition on innovation, safety and price ultimately allows it and the industry to move from incremental improvement to a new level of hitherto unforeseen capability. Learn how financial services can profit from NASA's example and invest in ecosystems that allow us to aim for a more ambitious strata of goal: our Moon or Mars.

First aired: Monday 19th April

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