Do. Better. Together. with Kabbage


Who we are and why we are making this pledge to Do. Better. Together.

For over a decade, Kabbage has served small businesses often overlooked and underrepresented in traditional financial services. Our automated platform provides an online and blind application that approves businesses anywhere in the country based on their objective business performance using real-time data and nothing more. We carry the same care and attention to equal opportunity to our prospecting and hiring processes. For years, we’ve upheld strict policies to ensure diverse candidates are included in the hiring process for all positions. However, we know there’s more to do. It’s not enough to only provide minorities and diverse individuals equal opportunity to apply and work at Kabbage, but that they see themselves in leadership, know their voice matters, are regularly recognized and promoted for their growth and are assured of pay parity.

Where to start: goals to increase diversity & inclusion

  1. In 2018, Kabbage established its Diversity and Inclusion Council.
  2. Kabbage has made Juneteenth a company holiday indefinitely
  3. Facilitated conversations to educate one another on racial matters both internally and externally, and donated to BLM groups
  4. Complete a full pay-parity analysis by end of 2021
  5. Increase its percentage of diversity in both mid-management, executive leadership and its board.

How are you measuring your progress?

Our pledge is by the end of 2021, Kabbage will complete a full pay-parity analysis with appropriate adjustments to its workforce and will increase its percentage of diversity in both mid-management, executive leadership and its board.

Kabbage is committed to leading by example in financial services as it stands to promote prosperity for the tapestry of businesses and backgrounds that make up America.The pay parity study will reveal any adjustments required and we will measure ourselves by the benchmark data the study reveals. As for leadership, we will be measured by successfully increasing our diversity numbers within the company.

More about Kabbage

Kabbage, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, has innovated a data and technology platform to provide small businesses automated cash flow solutions, including its online lending platform which allows small businesses to quickly access ongoing lines of credit up to $250,000. With more than 2 million live data connections to customers, its technology analyzes small businesses' real-time data such as online sales, banking information, shipping activity and dozens of other sources to understand performance, to provide a fully automated funding decision in minutes. To date, Kabbage has provided more than 200,000 small businesses access to over $8 billion of working capital.

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