Do. Better. Together. with The Fletcher Group


Who we are and why we are making this pledge to Do. Better. Together.

The Fletcher Group is 100% woman owned and operated with a 100% woman executive leadership team.

We are committed to bringing diversity to the forefront. Jennifer Tramontana, Fletcher Group President and Founder, spoke at RiseUp in 2019 about closing the gap of women's leadership and expanding female entrepeneurship.

Fletcher Group is committed to amplifying the good work and voices of people of color in our industry. Working with vendors and partners that promote equity and representation for marginalized groups. Requiring that conferences we plan and participate in represent truly inclusive voice.

Where to start: goals to increase diversity & inclusion

  1. We have a diversity and inclusion commitment that is public and we promote it through social media, counseling clients, speaking engagements and media outreach.
  2. We continue to promote voices of color, adding diverse spokespeople
  3. Recruitment - hiring and equal opportunities in the workplace
  4. A mentorship program meant to build up diverse leaders
  5. Conference panel diversity as a top priority

How are you measuring your progress?

We are pledging to make a difference and hold ourselves accountable by holding monthly meetings to review progress against goals. 100% of staff participating in tassk groups addressing each of the areas in our pledge to ensure we are tracking progress in every area.

More about The Fletcher Group

The Fletcher Group is a trusted partner for growth-oriented companies and organizations.

We customize PR, marketing, thought leadership, crisis mitigation, content marketing and social media programs for every client and offer unparalleled, responsive service, which equals better results.

Let us make your marketing dollars go further. We’ll refine your story and identify the most effective channels to deliver your message to help you: deeply engage with customers, prospects and influencers, gain trust from the public and your industry and stand out from the noise.

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