Getting payment relief to the masses

Getting payment relief to the masses

Tully, the UK based digital debt advisor, has access to over 50 of the UK's leading banks and credit card providers - meaning over 95% of the country can access the service online. The Tully platform builds on Open Banking data by engaging the consumer through conversational AI to understand their very latest financial situation.

In reaction to Coronavirus, Tully launched their COVID-19 Relief and Wellbeing Network in the first week of April. The platform has been built to help people financially impacted by the COVID crisis get access to payment relief at speed.

Tully is providing a 'free to consumer' digital outsourcing service that registers consumer applications, validates eligibility for payment relief and shares that information with relevant partners in the network. This service means that individuals don't have to spend hours in call centre queues and instead can register for COVID-19 relief quickly and easily through a single online process.

Steve Bradford, Co-Founder and CCO (interviewed in our video above) said, "The launch of our COVID-19 Relief and Wellbeing Network has been designed to ease the strain on our partners' call centres and operations teams, whilst giving customers the support they need to help them make it through these uncertain times."

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